Add Your Resume to LinkedIn

How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn – Complete Guide for 2022

LinkedIn is one of the world's best online platforms for job seekers and professionals who daily upload their office activities, joining and hiring posts. Moreover, LinkedIn is the hub for multi-national companies to share their success stories. On that account, no one wants to miss the opportunities that this compelling platform provides.

It has been almost 19 years since this job-seeking website, and thousands of individuals have acquired their intended jobs with its help. Hence, there are several things about this platform which are quite impressive. For instance, the network feature and connecting options. 

Every day hundreds of job postings are being uploaded on the platform, but many don’t know how to upload their resumes on LinkedIn. Therefore, have a glance at these top 3 ways you get to have your resume on LinkedIn. 

3 Finest & Simple Ways of Uploading Resume to LinkedIn

First things come first, after creating a LinkedIn profile by adding the qualification, relevant experience and skills. There comes time for uploading your fresh resume on this website. For that, many people use one simple step. However, we are going to share three easy ways of uploading a resume like a pro. So, suit up and start learning them step-by-step. 

Adding Resume on Profile 

This way is most common and quite easy as well. In this way, you can add the resume through your profile, and recruiters will effortlessly get to the resume. Here are the step,

Including Resume through Settings

From the title, this step can look lengthy and difficult. However, this way is mostly not known by people. Therefore, you should also learn this technique of uploading a resume. Thus, you just have to,  

With the help of this way, you will be able to add multiple resumes and at the time of applying you will get to choose between them. Hence, through this alternative, you will be able to construct several resumes according to posted jobs. 

Adding Resume While Applying

This way is also known as easy apply. While searching for a job on LinkedIn, this way can be used and many individuals prefer this step of adding their resume. Likewise, after selecting the job there will be several options in front of the screen, but you have to select easy apply. Then follow these instructions listed below:  

(Note): Make sure that your resume files should be after your first and last name plus the file has to be in PDF form. On the other hand, always make sure to add those resumes which are according to the job descriptions. 

Tips to Update Your LinkedIn Profile 

The chances of getting employed increase when you maintain your LinkedIn profile. What does it mean by maintaining a LinkedIn profile? In simple terms, just like people update their social media accounts and upload plus share and comment. In the same way, on LinkedIn, you have to carry on and support the profile to earn new employment opportunities along with recognition. So, with the help of these tips, you can easily sustain the profile. 

Spread Your Network

The main purpose of the employees is to get recognition with the help of this platform. Therefore, spreading the network is essential; by doing this, people will get to know about your skill and daily office activities. Moreover, you can also get a major influence from others by following and connecting with them. Many influencers are being followed for their uploading content. Suggesting office regulations, providing tips plus sharing funny office memes are common activities on this website. 

Follow People in the same Profession

Suppose, if you are on LinkedIn, how will you reach the people in your profession? Hence, this hub of millions of professionals will help you out by suggesting connecting plus following the same professional people. Thus, connecting with people of the same interest helps individuals to learn more about their skills. Therefore, always, follow those who are masters and have a ton of experience related to your selected fields and own those skills you are aiming to learn. 

Update Daily

The daily uploads will keep you active. Moreover, the employer will be able to see your activeness on the platform. As of now, many consider the platform the best use of the internet because this is providing individuals to get financially stable in this challenging world. Uploading daily can increase your popularity, and famous people usually obtain several offers. 

Highlight Office Achievements

In daily uploads, you can share your daily activities plus events you attain. Usually, the companies upload birthday parties and employee of the month events and anniversaries. Furthermore, numerous professionals share their achievements in their professional lives, for instance, salary increases, promotions, new joining and many more.

Besides, these platforms are also for employing companies to shine in this cooperative world. They share their upgrades and success stories. In simple terms, LinkedIn is a hub for professional individuals and companies. 


These were the top 3 ways you can apply for updating your resume. Similarly, these productive ways of maintaining the profile are worth trying. Therefore, always keep these in mind. Furthermore, if you are having any hassle while crafting a resume, then there is no need for any stress. Hence, you can avail yourself of the services of cheap resume writers online, who are available on various writing websites plus freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork and Thus, a well-crafted resume increases the chances of employment. So, one should not miss the chance to get a perfectly executed resume.