How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship – A Step by Step Guide

During academic studies or after graduation, internships help students to polish their skills and gain professional experience as freshers. While applying for the internship, students must provide their resumes along with cover letters, as many take assistance from cheap resume writing services. Hence, these services are for their cover letters plus resume writing.

Besides, for those who desire to learn how to write a cover letter for their first internship, there is good news for them. Here you are going to learn; what you should include in a cover letter and how to construct it. So, if you want to know how to write an internship cover letter which looks unique from others and attractively highlights your mastered skills. Then, you are at the right place. 

What is a Cover Letter?

It is a letter which is attacked with the resume to assure the employers about your excitement to join the company. Similarly, a cover letter shares your skills plus interests in the position the applicant is applying for. Secondly, with the help of a letter, the applicant can impress the employers with their way of introducing themselves, expressing interest and communicating skills. 

Before viewing any resume, the recruiters read the cover letter of the applicant. Therefore, it is essential to execute the letter perfectly. In simple terms, the introduction and the body of the letter must show the perfection of a well-established employee. 

Why is Cover Letter Important for an Internship?

While applying for internships, most of the students don’t have any professional experience. Hence, how will you tell the employer that your intended CV is far better than others? Secondly, to show your worth to employers, you have to have a perfect internship cover letter to rest your case in front of the interviewer.

In the cover letter, the applicant applying for the internship must understand that they only have to be honest about their skills. Because the recruiters take internship seekers differently. When students will be specific about their interests, skills and previous experience if they have. Then, the chance of acquiring the opportunity increases.

What Does The Employer Look for in an Intern?

As mentioned, the employers will only focus on the candidate's communication skills plus the abilities to perform the given tasks. However, for better understanding, here are the major skills the interviewer looks for in an intern.

What Should You Include in a Cover Letter for an Internship?

Personal Interest 

A company’s employer always looks at the interest of the candidates, whether they have that spark or not. In the same way, the candidates must show their willingness to join the company. Therefore, the kind gestures before selection will positively impress the employer. 

Specific Education Status 

A cover letter must be on one page, and because of that, the candidate got to be specific about sharing the qualification. On the other hand, it is equivalent to including your current education level in order to show the recruiter that you are a qualified individual.

Skills related to Position 

For an internship, the candidate can’t add a bunch of skills. Hence, they can pick their top 5 skills and highlight them in the cover letter. Moreover, if all the mentioned skills are related to the company domain and position, then definitely there will be a plus point.

Qualities which make you different from others

All applicants can express that they are the best of the other candidates. Although, it is up to you how you include the qualities in a manner that could attract the interviewer and select you without a second thought. 

The perfect cover letter writer first addresses the position and then shares the related skills which help the applicant to get selected for the internship immediately.

Cover Letter Guide Step by Step

    1. Contact Information & Salutation

Firstly, the contact information has to be added of both, the candidate and employer on the left side. And in the contact information, you will include,

After putting that information, there comes the salutation, where the applicant respectively addresses the employer in a humble manner. Here are examples of salutations. 


  1. Introduction 

The introduction should be in formal language because in the cover letter the first lines play an important role in engaging the employer. Therefore, always try to start with great admiring words in order to get positive feedback. 


“I am privileged to get this opportunity to work with the world’s renowned tech company. Hence, it will be an honour for me to join Tech Solutions. Respected sir, I am currently pursuing my bachelor's in computer science at St Louis Collage, NY and aiming for the life-changing opportunity of working with you guys”.

    2. Body 

As the introduction comes in the body, but for a comprehensive understanding, the introduction should have to be discussed separately. In the beginning, you can start by your own name. But nowadays, most candidates are strict to the point.

In the body, you got to add the relevant information about your education, skills and willingness to join the company. On that account, we have divided the body into two separate paragraph forms. Hence, the letter must be addressed in short paragraphs in order to bring clarity. 

  1. First Paragraph 

Simply, in the first paragraph, the applicant shares their overall educational journey and adds the volunteering work they have done. The main thing about the letter is the flow, which shouldn’t be broken. 


“I joined St Louis in 2019 and since then participated in several sports activities, summer camps, and social volunteering work. My journey at this college has been amazing as my overall GPA is 3.6 and last year I got the chance to grab the award of student excellency from my college principal. Last Sunday I saw on the notice board that the team of Tech Solutions are looking for an active intern and it grabbed my attention’’

    3. Second Paragraph 

In the second paragraph, the applicants are going to describe the skills, and capabilities they can provide. Hence, the related experience will be the plus point here. As the paragraphs should be short, the candidates have to highlight their skills according to the internship requirement. 


In the end, summing up the letter is highly essential. The conclusion must look like the last words of gratitude. In other words, an open-armed thank you note and show that you are the one they are looking for.